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Privacy policy

Privacy policy :

The data that is recorded on the site and kept with us:

The data you enter when registering or completing the application (e-mail - first and last name - address - mobile number).

Data validity:

All customer data must be correct in order for the process to take place correctly, such as (e-mail - first and last name - full address - city - country - mobile number - and credit card numbers or range).

Data protection:

All your data is encrypted and stored securely and no one has the right to access it except those who have the authority.

Your data is transferred and retrieved from the server and database using protection protocols and tools whose mission is to protect and encrypt

We do not sell the data to any third parties and it is used only for the purpose of the store.

Modification of the privacy policy:

The Flasks Store has the right to modify the privacy policy on our website and this will be updated when needed.